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Last Updated: 08/11/2009
Nepal's Diplomacy for Visa Lust
Krishna H. Pushkar

Nepal’s diplomatic dexterity is a largely discussed and experienced text for its hapless concert. The global as well as Nepalese eyes are often found itch while touching the pollex of our diplomacy. Public have difficulties even to memorize or inhale any positive changes in diplomatic disposition except the figure of diplomats and its vested interest. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies, Consulates and its dealers always claim for their outstanding performances, however general public have to often disappoint from their priesthood. Peoples read and watch huge lexis and flick in media that Nepal’s diplomats smart and they are intensively working for building multilateral and bilateral relationship efficiently and extending prosperous cooperation for national interest. They claim themselves their ongoing role is crud to maintain and enhance public diplomacy aboard. Moreover, diplomatic advocators laud rumor through channels for their self-proclaimed effective and efficient performance for the sack of welfare and support of Nepalese residing inside and outside the nation.

The aforementioned claims are just to enjoy the diplomatic privilege and immunities, to get appointment, promotion, remain in charming places and to popularize her/himself for further career or to achieve individual vested interests. The diplomatic mongers should know that people is now conscious and they want to feel the changes, measure the performances, identify the level of ontogenies that what is the current situation and what was there before he or she joined or arrived in the particular position. All the time cuckolding cards do not helpful to dupe the public under the convolution of diplomacy.

The Nepalese diplomacy found loathful in every step of its areas. As for example general people feel fuzz insulting to being a Nepalese while applying for the visa. It doesn’t matters whether it is in American, German, British, Chinese, Nigerian, Somalian, Burmese or Bhutanese case. Every country exploits to the Nepalese applicant in the name of poor and uncivilized, Nepalese visa application is mostly observed through negative approach. Sadly, there are many cases recorded that even the visa holder Nepalese gets entry refuse and expulsion without any justification.

Many countries have already started to impose strict prior-visa to the Nepalese, who have been granting either gratis or on-rival visa since decades but the situation is now being worst just because of our ailing diplomacy. Moreover, the Nepalese have to face another horrible financial exploitation by many so called world power nations. They swag everyday millions of dollars in the name of non-refundable application fees even without issuing a visa. Most of the embassies and consulates maintain their expending from the so called application fees/administrative cost. They provide so called majorities development aid from the same money. However, they claim such aids come from the tax of the citizens of respective country which is black and white prevarication. The situation is different in terms of other developing countries whose diplomatic bargaining powers are stiffer in front of so called powerful world.

Previously, many even European countries were issuing on arrival visa for Nepalese, some developed countries were offering gratis visa and some had been offering even visa waiver facilities and easy visa obtaining process for Nepalese. All the previously enjoyed privileges have banned for Nepalese, although Nepal still offer to them same facilities for majorities’ nation like Nepalese enjoyed in former time. Isn’t it a queer?

Frankly writing, now Nepalese are having very hard time to face the visa process. The radical visa system is against the norms of universal declaration of human rights. However, visa imposers’ meant that it is a great traditional diplomatic tool to control the foreigner people or nation to intervene or keep intra-inter concern. They believe that visa is a great tool to uphold the national interest and also to enforce the public diplomacy. They intend it is essential for security that does not mean only physical security but it also include socioeconomic and multifarious areas of security accordance to the wish of its people and government.

Study found that “Neo-Nazi Visa Syndrome (NNVS)” helps the theology of discrimination, segregation and also swell the gaps between poor and rich. It creates the scenario of classes among the people and government. The analysis concludes huge list of negative impact of extremist visa policy rather its positive ontology. NNVS has been found assistive to promote terrorism in many ways. Such Visa strategy fuels anger against developed and developing people as well to the government. People have committed suicide due to hopelessness of continuous visa refusal incident. Such visa weight has become now a greater issue of corruption in many part of the world, it increases crimes, and illegality across the world. People use many ways of crimes, corruption, manipulation, frustration, fakes and illegal mechanism either to obtain the visa or to deal the intricacy of visa.

Especially, the visa is a one of the most basic issue of any people who wish to travel abroad. Also, visa is a principle indicator to know the diplomatic strength and the status of mutual relation. The observation found that Nepal’s diplomacy is a poorest one in the world. All general public has to suffer and they feel shame on their national diplomatic capability while trying to obtain visa for the any intended nation, specially for the developed country. The diplomatic leaders and top level elite people do not keep concern about such matter because they hold privileged passport, which is not fair and justice to the general citizen. Till now, there are no any evidences found in public market where any diplomat or any leaders have forward such concern with any visa imposer government and authority. The visa problem for Nepalese has gone beyond the head, though it is not yet in our national diplomatic priority. Doesn’t it a bizarre?

It seems too much now, it is time to pressurize to our diplomats and political leaders to bring the issues intensively among the global diplomatic areas that Nepalese should get easy visa access. No visa No fee, in the name of application fee or administrative costs policy should be imposed. Our diplomats must try to use their optimum efforts to pressurize international community to provide on arrival short visa by using various bargaining tools. In last stage, may be Nepal Government may espouse at least equal policy and procedure for those who give hard time and keep radical concern to issue visa for Nepalese.

Of course, there might be logics from the visa imposer that simplified visa provision may a cause for growing illegal migration, or the Nepalese may enter and will stay illegally in developed country. Also, it could be a threat on national security. These logics can be true, however not well enough to discriminate or keep away from a visa. There are many ways to address the described problems and introduce efficient and reverent visa policy. The Government of Nepal and respective country may develop together joint cybernetic mechanism along with effective administrative, security and economical strategy to control and prevent from the possible threat and crimes.

The Nepalese people do not have now anymore patience to suffer with such dictatorial, insulting, inhuman visa policy. The Nepal Government as well as concerned diplomatic missions and its Government should rethink timely to review the visa policy. Everyone should know that Nepalese citizens are in lowest rank in global crime involvement index (criminality, illegal stay and to violate the rules and regulation etc. of any visa imposer countries). Nepalese perform good social, moral, professional and ethical character where they have been living.

However, it is beyond understanding that still why Nepalese has to suffer hard time to obtain visa? And other countries whose citizens are in upper rank in crime index, illegality and more but even they get easy access to get visa, why? It doesn’t a responsibility of Nepal Government as well of the international community to analyze the unlawful inhuman visa calamities and to fulfill the visa lust of Nepalese? Why Nepalese is being discriminated and exploited in the brand name of poor and underdeveloped? Why so called powerful nations violating the norms of universal declaration of human rights by refusing the genuine visa application and banding the freedom of movement? Nepalese are being barred from the family reunion, advance abroad study, research and development, business, treatment, employment, tourism and more due to huge visa refusal abnormalities. Why Nepalese are being excluded from the global opportunity? The developed or so called powerful nation considers that poor country has no human rights as developed countries have? All the concerned authorities should know that they should respect the norms of human rights and it should not be demolish in the name of visa. Specially the Government of Nepal should take immediate special initiative to resolve the issue.

Mr. Pushkar is a Peace, Security and Conflict Management Professional and works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Nepal, E-mail: