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In the News
Last Updated: 02/01/2011
Egypt Portal
Tara Ruttenberg

A guide to some of the best Internet coverage and analysis of the ongoing protests in Egypt.

Stay current on the protests in Egypt with constant news coverage from Al Jazeera, providing live broadcast streaming of the protests, with constant updates on the latest developments. For targeted English-language coverage of all protest-related news, Al Jazeera’s “Anger in Egypt” site is a sure bet for top headlines, video feeds and amateur clips capturing first-hand experiences on the ground.

If you’re looking for a round-up of news, opinions and video, be sure to check out the crowd-sourcing service at, a great source for an insightful compilation of citizen perspectives, drawing from traditional news sources, blogs, image galleries, and video clips from protest participants, intellectuals and experts in the field.

Global Voices has additional citizen media coverage, including a timeline of news stories and blog posts, video clips, image gallery, and special sections highlighting censorship and global reactions to the protests.

For photos, “Egypt Erupts, January 2011” presented by Life Magazine and “Americans Protest in Support of Egypt” by The Huffington Post are two distinct slideshows: the former offering images of the protests and police brutality in Egypt; the latter showcasing responses by Americans staging their own support protests across the United States. With several pages of photos and images, Al Jazeera’s Sharek photo gallery is an Arabic-language website covering the protests.

Providing decent background on the history and political climate surrounding the protests, Democracy Now interviews the University of Michigan’s Juan Cole in the video “Egypt is a Praetorian Regime.” (Transcript available here. ) Finally, Ibrahim Sharqieh, Deputy Director of the Brookings Doha Center offers his opinion on the US response to the protests, with the piece, “What Secretary Clinton Does Not Recognize About Egypt’s Anti-Regime Protests”:

For first-hand news on the latest events in Egypt, check out live blogging from sources delivering distinct perspectives from reporters and citizens on the ground.


Live blog from Al Jazeera English.

"Unrest in Egypt" by

"Egypt Protests Live Blog" by The Guardian.

"The Lede — Latest Updates on Protests in Egypt". The New York Times.

Inanities blog by Sarah Carr

Recommended Twitter Feeds:

Journalist Jeremy Scahill and Democracy NOW!’s Sharif Kouddous The Nation has covered their contributions here here and here. Kouddous’ blog is available here:

Facebook has also proven to be a unique resource for citizen perspectives. Search keywords: anger egypt, day of anger, etc.

More recommended links:

Tara Ruttenberg is special to the Peace and Conflict Monitor.