Strategies for building awareness for the potential of peace education in Cameroon Ben Oru Mforndip
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Has Democracy Enhanced Development in Africa? Conrad John Masabo
Permanent Emergency Powers in France: The ‘Law to Strengthen Internal Security and the Fight Against Terrorism’ and the Protection of Human Rights Lena Muhs
Women’s Political Representation in Sri Lanka: Leading towards Prosperity or Peril Pujika Rathnayake
Lack of empathy as a threat to peace Victoria Scheyer
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The death of democracy in Honduras Daniel Bagheri S.
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The Persons Who Changed the Lives of Terrorists and Criminals Surya Nath Prasad

Teaching Peace from Tales of the City: Peace Education through the Memoryscapes of Nagasaki Patporn Phoothong
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Reflections of Refugees in Africa Wyclife Ong'eta Mose
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Freedom of Expression Under Threat in Zambia Mariateresa Garrido
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Water Security in the Sixaola River Basin Adrián Martinez Blanco and Diana Ubico Durán
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An Open Letter to the American People: Political Responsibility in the Nuclear Age Richard Falk, David Krieger, and Robert Laney


  • Peace education and a call for social dialogue on nonviolence and peace 06/26/2013
    This is excerpt from the Guest Speech delivered by Professor Surya Nath Prasad at The Global Meet organized by World Forum of Spiritual Culture, Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • Address to the National University of Timor-Leste 08/16/2012
    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's address to the National University of Timor-Leste, 16 August 2012.

  • Remarks to the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty 07/04/2012
    UNSG Ban Ki-moon's Remarks to the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, July 3, 2012

  • The Alliance of Civilizations 06/01/2012
    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Remarks at the Alliance of Civilizations Partners Forum. Originally posted by UN News.

  • Martin Luther King Jr.: "Why I Am Opposed to The War in Vietnam" 01/17/2012
    In commemoration of Martin Luther King Day 2012.

  • Remarks to the General Assembly on Libya 03/03/2011
    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the United Nations General Assembly regarding the repression of protests in Libya, 01 March 2011.

  • Brazil, the U.N. and multilateralism 03/03/2011
    In this keynote address at the Opening Ceremony of University for Peace Model United Nations Conference, Ambassador Tadeu Valadares discusses the pressing issues of UN reform, globalization, poverty, and human rights, emphasizing the need for stronger collaboration and multilateralism in the international system in order to promote peace and sustainable development.

  • Remarks on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples 12/15/2010
    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the General Assembly of the United Nations on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.

  • Remarks at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony 08/08/2010
    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's address at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, Hiroshima (Japan) 06 August 2010

  • Peace needs Messengers 03/02/2010
    In the weeks leading up to the 2010 Costa Rican election, outgoing President and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Oscar Arias Sanchez visited the students, staff, and faculty of the University for Peace, marking the official inauguration of UPEACE's 30th anniversary celebrations.

    In his address, President Arias emphasizes the social and political progress of the past thirty years, and argues that a continued commitment to education for peace, through the development of the imagination, intellectual curiosity, and a willingness to engage in politics, will bring us further towards the goal of a peaceful world.

  • Obama's Nobel Acceptance Speech 12/14/2009
    Just a few days after deploying 30,000 additional combat troops to escalate the war in Afghanistan, US President Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Following are his remarks on the occasion, as released by the white house.

  • Ban Ki-Moon Speech 11/04/2009
    The same day a bomb killed five UN staff members in Peshawar, Afghanistan, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon delivered this speech at the monthly press conference held at the UN Headquarters in New York.

    The speech addresses the bombing as well as several other current areas of concern for the UN, including: climate change; Iraq; Jeruselum; Gaza; and Iran.

  • Resetting the nuclear disarmament agenda 10/08/2009
    Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addresses the Geneva Lecture in Switzerland, emphasizing the need to prioritize disarmament and forward the Millennium Development Goals.

  • Democracia plena 09/10/2009
    Presentación realizada en el Diálogo entre los Ministros de Relaciones Exteriores y los representantes del Foro de la Sociedad Civil, V Cumbre de las Américas, Puerto España, Trinidad y Tobago, 17 de abril del 2009

  • Address on UN Peacekeeping 07/07/2009
    Speaking in Dublin, Ireland, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon presents an address on Irish involvement in UN peacekeeping missions and the ongoing effort for global security.

  • Mathetics and the relationship between peace and learning 01/05/2009
    The following speech, on the theme of Mathetics: a challenge for peace education, was presented by Dr Suman Shukla at the 18th IAEWP WORLD PEACE CONGRESS, held in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

    A speech on the theme of PEACE EDUCATION: MEDICINE AND TONIC FOR NONVIOLENCE by Prof. Surya Nath Prasad, Ph.D. at the 18th IAEWP WORLD PEACE CONGRESS, Sunway Resort Hotel and Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, 2008

  • Remarks to General Assembly Meeting on the Global Food and Energy Crisis 07/27/2008
    From an Address to the General Assembly by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, delivered 07/17/2008.

    Key Words: United Nations, Energy Crisis, Food Crisis, Global Security, Insecurity, Food Security, Responsibility

  • Bob Boorstin on the impact of the Internet on political life 07/10/2008
    Bob Boorstin, Director, Corporate and Policy Communications at Google Talks about the impact of the Internet on public opinion and political power in Venice, Italy.

  • Against the war on women: V-day in the Congo 04/15/2008
    Remarks by Stephen Lewis, Co-Director of AIDS-Free World, delivered at the 10th Annual V-Day Celebrations, New Orleans, LA 4:00 pm CDT, Saturday, April 12, 2008.

  • Kenyan Women's Memorandum to the Mediation Team 02/04/2008
    Kenyan Women’s Consultation Group on the Current Crisis in Kenya
    Presented at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi,January 25, 2008

  • Asleep at the Controls 01/04/2008

    Kofi Annan on the importance of balancing disarmament and non-proliferation for international security.

  • Tear Down This Wall: Remarks at Brandenburg Gate 10/31/2007

    June 12, 1987

    This speech was delivered to the people of West Berlin, yet it was also audible on the East side of the Berlin wall.